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We are a volunteer-led, not-for-profit community organisation providing support and services for the aged based in Kilkivan, South-East Queensland.

Our Rise & Shine community care for the aged project is a place-based solution tailored to address the specific needs and concerns of the communities of Kilkivan, Goomeri, Tansey and Woolooga in the western district of the Gympie regional local government area.

The Rise & Shine project is designed to be adaptive and flexible. Working with our government and private partners, our four project pillars are:

Share the stories of local seniors as they talk about their lives in Kilkivan and their desire to stay … This is the ‘why’ of what we do.

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Social return on Investment is a method that incorporates social, non-market benefits. It allows government agencies to make decisions based on social impact generated by community-based projects. Calculating the financial return does not capture the social impact for the value created by KDCCA and the Rise & Shine ageing-in-place project. SROI includes intangible benefits that are difficult to quantify using financial return alone. The Association’s social return on investment of $1:$17.27 for the community in tangible and intangible benefits. KDCCA is a very efficient ‘social entrepreneur’.

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KDCCA SROI Presentation by Andrea Ferris

Download the full SROI Evaluation K&DCCAI and Financial Project Evaluation for “Rise & Shine Ageing-in-Place report by Mabel Wood McLeod.

About our logo: Its components combine the idea of hope (sun rising), security (home), a helping hand as a safety net, and Mudlo Gap as a backdrop!

About our image: This image taken by photographer Graeme Toft was taken in 2022 and features five local nonagenarians, from left to right: Ian Fitzgerald, Mavis O’Neill, Mal Stegemann, Sally Adams and Gordon McGill.